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Pandemic Drawings 2020-2022

Drawing has always been my way of keeping a journal, of disentangling feelings and reflecting on what is going on around me. As the last two years unfolded, as the pandemic alarmed and devastated so many of us, I allowed narratives in my work to unravel without preconception.
Many of the images were a surprise to me. As the lockdown and the months dragged on, they appeared like dreams of foreboding, of helplessness, of anger and fear. Some revealed portraits of loneliness, some emerged with hopeful undertones.
Pandora, the hero Judith of the Old Testament, the constellation of Virgo, and the eternal imagery of light against darkness are some of the stories that have turned up so far.

I worked on my computer to make these drawings, using a straightforward technique of pen and ink work which I have been practicing for several years.