Portfolio > Recent Paintings.. 2017 ... Including Vermont Studio Center Residency 2015,2016

During my 2015 residency at the Vermont Studio Center, I was inspired to create a new Map of the Heavens after paying a visit to a very old cemetery in the area. "Little Hattie" was engraved on a headstone there, the only description of what person had been laid to rest on that spot. I have painted her portrait, and in it I have given her a dress made of very animated flowers, (soon to be stars) in the hope that she will be a bit less miserable than I imagine her to be. She is to be my first new constellation for the Northern Hemisphere in early Spring.
"The Golem" presented himself to me as I was wandering the woods that year. I have included two photos of the characters as I first encountered them.
"We Saw Them" is a ghost story, and "The Corn Maiden" is based on the historic practice of crafting a doll, sometimes larger than life sized, at the close of the harvest season. The figure is thought to represent an actual sacrifice that might have been carried out by earlier cultures in order to ensure a successful outcome for the community. As such, she is an archetypical female figure, familiar throughout history and society.